I need help

First things first..

If you have thought about, imagined, or planned on hurting yourself, stop reading right now.

TEXT “GO” TO 741741

CALL 1-800-273-8255

Second thing second…

The following articles are posts I’ve written about asking for help. They aren’t perfect nor do they encapsulate every experience possible. If you’d like specific help on a specific problem, please let me know below.

Anti-Depressants Are Scary

LOL. GUYS NO THEY ARE NOT. They do not change your personality. They are not a crutch. They are not a happy pill. They are not weakness. I mean, I wish they were any of those things. That would be awesome. But they aren't. I wish I could pop a little pill and suddenly...

To You, My Friend.

If you can, press play. You, my friend, my wonderful friend reading this, you are in the right place. My overwhelmed, stressed, scared, and insecure friend, you are doing the right thing. And not only that, right now is exactly the right time. Take a deep breath. Stop...

Christian and Depressed

Christians are weird about mental illness. 98% of the time I regretted telling a christian friend about my depression. They would either just brush it off or give it weird names like "melancholy" or "despondency." I tried reading faith-based books on depression, and...

How to Ask for Help

The amount of love that surrounded me yesterday was breathtaking. Everyone who reached out, or even just read my post, you are the reason the world will continue to become a better place. There are so many who struggle or at least identify with a darkness or an...

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