2016: The Year of Being Good at Being Bad

APRIL 5, 2016

2016, by all accounts, hasn’t been a great year for me.

Not to sound ungrateful, but I for real screwed a lot of things up this year.

I was really bad.

Here are some things I’m bad at:

*Deep inhale*

I’m bad at self-discipline. I’m bad at marriage. I’m bad at getting up at a decent hour. I’m bad at feeding myself. I’m bad at driving and parking and remembering to get my oil changed. I’m bad at tact and empathy and all the things that make people likeable. And I’m really bad at public speaking. So bad, in fact, I got fired. (I’m not even going to try to make that sound less bad than it was).

*Deep exhale* 

But that’s a story for another time.

I’m so bad at so many things I’m surprised I don’t live on Self-Pity Island.

(It’s off the coast of Ego Bay)

But guys, I’ve gotten really good at being bad.

I’ve gotten used to it. I understand it and welcome it as a new friend. We’re both still a little guarded, badness and I. He doesn’t like how I talk about him, and I don’t care for the way he acts in public. But we are starting to understand one another.

Badness doesn’t’ have to be a suck hole, but more of an upward sloping grassy area. Soft and bouncy when you fall. Badness is welcoming and without expectation.

Bad is a problem well defined.

Bad is an opportunity.

Bad is a catalyst.

Bad is a reminder of how human we are.

Bad is a chance to learn. Without badness, without the upward sloping grassy area, we stand atop a mountain of our own making. Which let’s be honest, we’re pretty bad at making mountains.

“Badness is welcoming and without expectation.”

We can always move higher. Finding a new thing I’m bad at is a chance to move onward and upward.

When faced with something new or unfamiliar, I gaze upon it as a new challenge. And I learn. I ask for help. I ask the most basic ‘dumb’ questions. I use my resources. I Google it. I find a tutorial on Youtube.

For example, I was bad at getting myself in the mood for sexy time.

So, instead of just resigning to a life of mediocre sex, I asked a great deal of women in my life how they get themselves in the mood. And requested tactical answers. Super enlightening.


Ask yourself what you’re bad at. Then get good at being bad by finding your method to overcome. Mine is Google, 98% of the time.

And because I’ve gotten so damn good at being bad, I’ve learned more in 2016 than I expected.

And as new badness arrives, I can look back at all the things I’ve succesfully figured out and say confidently, “I can do this too.”

And what does being bad at being bad look like? It looks like the guy that won’t play games because he’s “bad at games.” Party pooper.

And being bad at being good looks like the know-it-all asshole who doesn’t have any friends.


And being good at being good looks like Jesus. Good look with that.

And if I hear one more person whine and say “I’m not creative!” I’ll shove a paintbrush up their butt. Creativity takes practice and you have to start at bad to get to good.

Same applies to smart, organized, or any other thing you’re bad at. Get over yourself, refuse to accept defeat, and get good at being bad.

Sarah C.


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