About a year ago I was looking into buying a new car. My 2003 Ford Taurus wasn’t really fitting my lifestyle anymore, and by lifestyle, I mean I was sick of getting stranded every time there was a light dusting of snow.

So I researched new vehicles.  I had decided on a red SUV or crossover. Totes adorbs. And my dog would have a more comfy ride.

I decided to wait a few more weeks before making the purchase, to watch for any good deals. One day, during that waiting period, I was sitting at an intersection in Boris the Taurus, and a shiny black SUV zoomed past me.

Sexy Car






By shiny black SUV, I mean silky, sexy, see-my-own-reflection black car. It was gorgeous. And in that moment, I thought to myself Oh no. I don’t want a red car, maybe I want a black car.

Needless to say, this was a traumatic moment. Which color did I actually want? The black car was so stunning! How could I go on living without having a black car?!?! And what about the RED CAR?!

And then I thought, do I need to own a black shiny, sexy, batmobile to appreciate the slinky, black exterior?

Does it need to be in my possession to be beautiful?

And I realized, I’d been making a huge mistake.


I thought that the only way to appreciate beauty was to own it. To make it mine.

It’s like picking a beautiful flower, or taking a picture of a stunning sunset. Or seeing a gorgeous dress and thinking OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THAT.

I’ve been spending so much time trying to own beauty, whether it came as a moment or an object. I needed to hold, to grab, to keep.

So I thought, what would happen if I just appreciated the black car?

I didn’t try to own it or take it, just let it drive by and appreciate it’s glory, even for a moment?

If instead of owning the moment, I let it pass, and I sat back and appreciated all that it was bringing with it.

And so my “My Black Car Moment” was born. And with it, a new perspective on the beautiful and the ugly.

What if, during a moment of intense anger, I didn’t try to take control and make it mine. What if I took a deep breath and said huh, that’s an interesting feeling passing by. Just think of that freedom. Freedom from wanting things, freedom from the weight of ownership.

I don’t own the black car. I also don’t own beauty. And thank goodness, I don’t own anger. Those things stop by for visits, sometimes they drive by quickly, other times they stay for a few days. But they are not mine.

So, what are you holding onto today?

Sarah C.

P.S. I ended up buying a 99 Honda CR-V. It’s White.

Plot Twist

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