I’ve accomplished a lot today. I got sweaty on purpose (exercise) and ate lunch before 1:00.

And as I was taking my post-lunch nap with this little nugget, I had a thought about my recent, very public, vulnerability.
Teddy Westside

And the fact people (on occasion) use the word Bipolar as an insult.

Like, OMG why is she being so bipolar!

Besides the fact that it’s not capitalizing on all the great insults that are out there, it’s also not even really that insulting.

I like to consider my bipolar to be a super power. When I’m having an up-day, that’s how I’ll reference it.

Here’s how I imagine myself.


I’m big and awesome and I am capable. While some of those thoughts are the hypomania speaking (that’s where medicine helps) the others thoughts are just awesome byproducts of bipolar. I can focus and do SO MANY THINGS.

Like, so many things that people have asked me if I do crack coccaine. And the answer is no, I don’t do crack coccaine. I’m just Super Sarah right now.

Sometimes my super powers do become too strong, even for me. It’s like super man, accidentally smashing a mountain into a million pieces and hurting people. You have to know your own strength, ya know?

I also have the super resilient psyche powers. Situations that normally scare people, don’t even phase me. Conflict? Trauma? Game on. Someone bleeding from the head and also the basement is flooded? I’ve dealt with worse.



I’m also well practiced in the art of finding stability in times of swinging emotions.

I can identify an emotion quicker that Kylie Jenner can post a selfie. I can sense my feelings clouding my judgement like a shark senses blood. I can discern a real hurt from a hormone swing with the precision of a sharp shooter. I’m like an olympic weight lifter. After four years of lifting weights, practicing, meeting with coaches and trainers, I walk up to the weights and laugh in their face.



So, I don’t find bipolar to be an insult. I wear it like a badge of courage. Also, I FEEL MORE FEELINGS THAN YOU. IN YOUR FACE NORMAL PEOPLE.

A better insult would be “OMG why is she being such a emotionally unaware dullard? UGH”

So. Later Haters.

Sarah C.

P.S. No one has been a hater. This was more of me taking the opportunity to brag about how awesome I am.





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